Wednesday, 26 December 2012

ps: Haha, silly me, the 'b' is upside down...

Hi!! my name is Sean Lim, but you guys can call me Sean. Me? I LOVE music!!! I mostly listen to music during my free time and i also like to read books.

Sports is another thing for me, as i do not like to get sweaty, i only like sports such as swimming and a little bit of running and badminton.

Music!!! MUSIC and more MUSIC!! (sry if i am being annoying :/) I listen to music to pass time, read books or surf the web.

I absolutely love to talk to people and make friends as i believe that it is impossible to be successful life without friends... hmm... i have not seem to have talked about what i think of computer games.... I love playing games on the computer but i think that gaming time should not be for an extensive amount of time as family interaction is important too... So stop staring at the computer screen and talk to your friends during your free time!!

Me? Quickly into action? Nah, not really, i would think it out before taking any major action... but when it comes to having fun, i think i could let loose (but not to the extent that safety is ignored, of course..)


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